> A Blissful Night In The Deepest Reaches Of Your Mind

A nostalgic feeling surrounded the atmosphere. In the distance, I heard a calm tune faintly playing, surrounding me with a feeling of safety. The house is so familiar, yet the memories are so distant. The old wooden furniture reminds me of my grandmother's house. That blissful, childhood feeling slowly came creeping back to me. I found countless sets of stairs that led to nowhere, as if placed without truly thinking. The windows I tried to look out of were completely darkened by the blissful night in the deepest reaches of our minds.


After walking for what felt like so long, I stumbled across a lone room present at the end of one of the many halls. Inside, a comfy, warm bed, invited tired souls to take a rest. It was hard to resist, as all my worries were forgotten as the bed's easy softness hugged my body.

"When did everything have to become so difficult?"


I think back to how everything was much simpler when I was a child. That nostalgic, graceful feeling, when everything felt pointless, but beautiful. Always playing, ignoring the harsh reality of the world… All of my questions seemed to slip off my mind, I wanted to stay here forever. I wanted to relive my childhood.

At least… this is what I felt when I walked into the house, it spoke for me, and it made me think I was safe there… I couldn't remember how I got there, nor could I remember how I got out… It was a feeling like a sense of familiarness, in a way similar to seeing an old friend for the first time in decades…

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