You close your eyes, and retreat into your mind as you compose yourself. You open them once again, and look at the wet environment that lies ahead of you. Everything is cloaked in a sad, blue haze. The houses, trees, and pavement are all tinted in the same dull shade. The few streetlights seem to be non-functional; in fact, no lights are visible in the neighborhood whatsoever.

Even so, you can still see fine, seeing as the illumination from the sun above provides the naked eyes with enough light, even with the dirty clouds weakening its glow. The distinct smell of rain is present throughout the landscape, the likes of which bring an uncomfortable and melancholic sense of familiarity.

As you walk along the damp and lonely road, this familiar feeling intensifies. You feel sorrowful, but you can't place why. Approaching one of the nearby houses, you attempt to open the door, hoping to be welcomed into a warm place, away from the ever-present sadness.

Unfortunately, the door doesn't budge. You feel rejected, as if the house itself doesn't want you entering. Continuing down the slippery road, you decide to derail into the woods, hoping for an escape out of this place.

Mean Meadows

The sound of snapping twigs and crunching leaves ceases as you finally make it past the forest, and into a nearby meadow. The trees no longer hinder you; instead, they surround you. Wandering into the wet and grassy terrain, you're mesmerized by its beauty and simplicity.

The ground is so very soft. Traversing deeper into the meadow, you feel calm — still, noticeably sad — but ever-so-slightly calm. It feels as though the damp, rolling fields have a tight, but comforting grasp around your weary body. An immense feeling of tranquility ensues, and as a result, you slowly begin to zone out.

While in the midst of daydreaming, large and heavy clouds roll in; your surroundings become increasingly darker as a result. The breeze slowly intensifies, shaking and rattling the surrounding trees. Still spellbound by the grassland, you pay no attention to it. You continue to stand in the center, peacefully basking in the blue shade.

As you look up at the black clouds hovering above, you see a blinding white light descending chaotically toward you. Despite it being so intense, you stare at it contently, waiting for its warm, and blazing touch to graze you.

It zigs and zags, and, eventually, strikes down, the roaring sound of thunder following closely behind. Your senses begin to fade away as you hurdle into the wet ground beneath you, the blades of grass gently taking you in…

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