"Those things are not made by any human hands, they contort, distort, morph, and mold. They mocked me with their ticking chimes. They know how lost and confused I am, and yet they still decided to tell how little I knew. What time had it been? They refused to give me the truth, instead giving a multitude of answers so incomprehensible and demented while they peered into my soul."


Clocks can be of any model and shape and can be classified into their subtypes (analog, grandfather, alarm, etc). Known common traits can include bizarre or overlapping placement, incoherent and incorrect time of day, annoying and irritable sounds, and a feeling of sentience. They are not afraid of straying from these rules, however, showing more anomalous features such as incomprehensible telling of time, extreme gigantism, and in extreme cases: hallucinations.


There are many questions on why this anomaly is the way it is. Common theories range from sentient beings to the most widely accepted one: it presents itself as annoying as possible. A phenomenon of this anomaly is the inability to remember certain parts of the experience with Clocks. More specifically, the inability to remember what happened when the person breaks a clock. Throughout multiple summaries, the most consistent part is when someone breaks a clock, the only memory that remains from the action is "I regret doing it". However, stranger yet is the instance in which someone breaks a clock and nothing happens. Why some people lose the memory of it and why others don't is a mystery.


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