> Cold Abyss

A faint streetlight shines in the distance, creating a soft drone. Light snow falls from the void above, piling upon the concrete. It's an expanse of little to nothing, with some faraway buildings and bushes strewn about the area. A breeze constantly blows through, freezing anything caught in its wake to its core. A constant howl comes from the heavy winds that flow through the air. There is no warmth at all, with the temperatures being near zero at best.

The expanse of snowy ground leads to nowhere, forever expanding with each step taken. The streetlights are randomly placed, ranging from neatly packed, to miles away. The thin layer of snow on the ground will build on itself over time, resulting in impossibly high mounds of snow throughout the space. These mounds can collapse, resulting in entire areas becoming entombed under the snow.

Despite not having any clouds, weather changes still occur. While almost all of the time, small amounts of snow will fall, there are chances of blizzards. The buildings can serve as a temporary shelter to these frigid occurrences. Other than these things, the buildings serve no greater purpose.

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