Deletion Policy

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These are the various ways your article can be removed from the site, read this so you aren't confused if you're article does receive the ban hammer.

If an article goes under a 0 rating then it will be removed by a staff member

• Votes from the author, non-members, and ingenuine votes do not count toward this total

When an article is posted there is a 24 hour grace period to allow for people to read and properly vote on the article

• If the article goes under a 0 rating during this time the 24-hour deletion period will not begin.

Once an article is found to be ready for deletion there will be a 24-hour waiting period before action is taken

• If the article in question loses its -1 or below rating before it's deleted it will not be deleted

Once the 24-hour waiting period has ended the article will be removed

• If the author requests to rewrite the article they will be granted permission

• If the author requests to delete the article entirely they will be granted permission

• Before any rewrites can take place on the article, permission from the original author(s) must be obtained

The author is notified of article deletion before the waiting period begins

• If the author is unable to be notified then staff will archive and remove the article.

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