Further Investigations

After numerous explorations, boundless journeys through unquantifiable locations, it seems I have finally reached a place of solitude. Endless halls, long darkly-lit corridors, empty structures of no end; those are what I have become accustomed to.

This, however, is my first breathing point in a storm of chaos and confusion — a peaceful point where I can finally rest. Never before have I witnessed architecture such as this; brightly-lit rooms with pools of blue water, surrounding one’s body like a warm embrace. White ceramic tiles make up the walls and floor, reflecting the light and leaving no corner untouched by its radiance.

These places are not bounded in reality — they are a macrocosm of one’s mental state, a reflection of their emotions; they are a twisted parody of reality, extended interpretations of locations one does not typically consider whilst passing through.

Exploring them can be described as wandering within a dream. They are not infinite, nor are they finite; it is my belief that these places reflect the headspace of those experiencing them. It is not the doing of any force or overseeing entity whatsoever; instead, it is one’s emotions that keep the rooms extending — the impetus for their continued growth and existence. There is no architect to these places beside our minds; they are human thought pushed away from its makers, alien despite their familiarity.

Light seeping into dark corners.

I’ve come to call them Scapes — dreamlike realms one passes through, experiencing and subsequently continuing to the next, like a journey of sorts. One could exit at any time with the right headspace; attaining it, however, would be no easy feat while continually passing through looping hallways and nonsensical corridors.

While being illogical and foreign, these places are tailored to you. The places you commonly pass through without any thought become all you know. Each Scape is far too familiar, but far too strange to be comforting; it can be compared to a nightmare.

I digress. In short, this Scape truly amazes me; while one may feel a permeating sense of peace and calmness within it, another cannot help but notice a feeling of dread wash over them as they notice the strange, lightless corners.

This Scape is without blemish or defect; the “Poolrooms” are simply stunning — an intricate design, a possibly infinite puzzle whose pieces form something peculiar — indescribably strange, yet indescribably perfect; it can only be the handiwork of a God.

rating: +18+x

Further Investigations was written by egglordegglord with critique from ZENAJZENAJ, and Paldhin1016Paldhin1016. The images used inside the article are in order: Dream Pool 3 by Jared Pike, and Dream Pool 14 by Jared Pike. The ambience used is Enigmatic Level: The Poolrooms (The Backrooms Ambience) by The Soundrooms

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