> How To Write An Anomaly

We don't have an expansive knowledge of all the anomaly is, so it should be limited to what someone could grasp just by looking and possibly observing for a short period of time (Size, movement, appearance, objects on the anomaly, basic observations). Measurements should be given in assumptions (8ft tall —> Very Tall). Nothing is exact as no one can truly understand the entire purpose of their existence. Anomalies are not filled with lore and should exude a sense of mystery with them. Overall, let your imagination flow, have fun with it, and always ask for help when needed. Happy writing!

Note: An anomaly image is required, but does not have to be a photograph, it can also be a drawing or other piece of artistic media.

What Warrants An Anomaly Page?

An Anomaly is a vague term when looking at the dictionary, and in fact, many things in this database can be classified as anomalies. However, not every little thing is deserving of its own page, so we will define what separates an anomaly tucked into a space & one that deserves its own article.

- Anything that is experienced by a large number of people who share similar encounters/experiences.

- Anomalies that aren't bound to a single space/appear to traverse between them.

- Anomalies inside a space with large amounts of information or speculation

- Anomalies containing objects or other anomalous things inside of them

- Anomalies of similar type that take multiple forms across single or several spaces.

- Anomalies that are not extremely vague or general (Doors, Unnatural Lighting etc.)

Note: This List Is Bound To Change And Is Not Final, If Your Anomaly Meets These Criteria, It Is NOT Guaranteed Its Own Page.

If It Doesn't Where Does It Go?

If you have an anomaly that might not fit into its own anomaly page, but still want to include it, here's how you would place it based on one thing.

- If your anomaly is non-living, it will most likely stay still and be included in more recounts of the space, meaning it should be placed inside the Space article it's found in.

- If your anomaly is living, it will most likely stay hidden, and since living things are less abundant and extremely difficult to come across, they will rarely be included in recounts of the Space, and are better suited for being placed inside of a Summary report of the Space it resides in.

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