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Do you enjoy the content of Timeless Places and are interested in making content that is based on/set in articles of Timeless Places? Then that is wonderful, Timeless Places thrives off of interpretation and is the main focus of the sites existence, the wiki being second.

Timeless Places uses a Creative Commons License to protect its work, which means anyone who wishes to transform the content of Timeless Places must abide to that license as well. Which will be discussed throughout the contents of this page.


The first requirement under Creative Commons is "attribution." Any derivative works (things based on Timeless Places) must credit back to the original source. If you use a specific article, you must attribute the individual article as well as the wiki. If you are using a general idea (like a character, or the concept of the site as a whole) you only need to attribute the wiki in general.

Cold Abyss: Found Footage is based on "Cold Abyss" by "Twhalliiii": http://timeless-places.wikidot.com/cold-abyss

In this case, if you wanted to do a work based entirely or partially on Cold Abyss, then you would need to add this somewhere accompanying the work.

You do not need to follow this exact format, but according to CC any attribution you provide must include:

1. The name of the work referenced.

2. The author's name, or whatever they wish to be known as. Online screen names work for attribution as long as they are in quotes, but if the author contacts you and wants you to use their real name or some other alias, you need to oblige.

3. A link back to the source material.


Any content based on the Timeless Places is itself going to be under Creative Commons. So anything you make, you agree to share as well under these same rules. While there are other versions of the Creative Commons license, you MUST release your work under CC-BY-SA 3.0. You simply can't change the license to something else.

This also means that anyone making stuff derived from your work has to attribute you as one of the creators, and that any work made from your stuff is under the same license as well. You can't stop people from doing derivatives, but you can ask them to attribute you in the way you see fit, such as linking back to your web page or project page.

In short, this means that your derived work must be released under the CC-BY-SA, so that other people can use the same license. It is not enough to simply attribute the Timeless Places Wiki.

So What Can You Do?

So if you agree to these two things, what can you do?

Share: You can share or repost anything from this site. You can copy-paste entire stories and articles in their entirety and repost them to your website. You can include them in any sort of compilations of stories.

Remix: You can make derivative works. You can make fanfiction, fanart, fan movies, fan mods, anything that fans can do. You could write up a TV show or movie. You can make posters or T-shirts. You can even…

Sell: You can sell the remixes you make based on Timeless Places. However, keep in mind that you probably will not get rich off of them, because under Share-Alike, anyone can freely copy, use, or download your stuff, and you will have no legal recourse provided they also follow the terms of the license.

Timeless Places' Licensing Page is based on "Licensing Guide" by "The SCP Foundation": https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/licensing-guide

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.