Our Instincts

Stairs are meant to lead us to better places. The stairs that take us to our rooms, to the comforts of our privacy. The security and safety of a better place than which we had left behind.

But those stairs don't mean to guide us to greater heights, nor to better places, no. The hairs on my neck rise at the sights of the shadows that lurk; they stare at me, their invisible eyes trailing down every inch of me. The door I used to enter this stairwell is gone, and I am left staring into darkness.

However, the question rises. Is it safer to remain with the shadows, or to ascend the stairs and meet a potential that may be worse for wear? To stay in bliss, or ascend knowing fear?

The anchor of fear sinks my heart down to the ground. I swear that the abyss is growing slowly at the sight, hungering for my life essence. But yet, glancing up the stairs… a distrust plagues me.

But fear is humane, as it interconnects each of us together. We bond in our collective fears, no matter the cause. But here, I'm alone, with no one to share my fear with.

That may be for the best.

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Our Instincts was written by AequilibriumAequilibrium with critique from FerranteFerrante, CinnalynCinnalyn, and NebulaEclipse_NebulaEclipse_. The images used in the article were taken by AequilibriumAequilibrium.

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