Our Salvation

"Within the midst of awakening, I realize the mind is our salvation and our demise."

At first, I notice that the walls are disgustingly comforting, the fog in my eyes is a new familiar. I don't remember the name of this place, but I have walked these halls before. Somewhere within the catacombs of my memory chambers, I remember this place, but I don’t. I remember the feeling of familiarity, but my memories fail me.

Kind, it does feel; that dazed dream, the fever dream; the places I walk and tread are blurry. These blurry realities make me feel like I’m sick, tiredly sick. A comforting warmth while my body fights to keep me alive.

It keeps me comforted, that loving warmth, as weird white specks suddenly look at me from the corners of my vision… I didn’t realize they might’ve wanted me to not wander alive. I was in danger, or, I think I was. I don’t know.

Eerily, my hearing was filled with a swirl of a faint buzz, gentle humming from my own mind trying to fill in the silent space, and my own heavy breathing. I can’t even hear my own footsteps. I don’t have a heartbeat.

Usually, it takes me a while to wake up, and when I do, my senses slowly sharpen, the ringing so deafening. Things make sense. My sights are more clear. I am alive. I’m breathing, given life. Peculiar, my feet are still numb, like they were in the dream.

I’ve been walking for hours, that’s what my body tells me. I’m not afraid, nor was I ever afraid. Instead, I feel content. A strange, lukewarm content that wrapped me in a cold blanket on a hot day.

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Our Salvation was written by AequilibriumAequilibrium with critique from FerranteFerrante, and Egg2Egg2. The images used inside the article were taken by AequilibriumAequilibrium.

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