> General Writing Rules

Writing Rules

- Left Through “Dying”, or "Waking Up."

- Always Alone.

- Writing should be vague enough to drive imagination, and leave loose ends.

- Lore is minimal and will not be greatly expanded upon.

- Anything in the image you use, such as anomalies, objects, and the design of the space must be included or used in some capacity.

- Spaces Can Reside Outside.

- Other pages if referred to in another article should not be referred to by their name, use another way to describe them.

- You must attain 3 pieces of meaningful critique before posting it onto the site. Critique is most commonly given in the Discord

- Links to drafts on the sandbox site from an article on the main site are prohibited and will be removed

- Explicit ways to enter a space or exit into another are prohibited. It should never be stated how to get to any particular place, leave it up to reader interpretation.

- Describing feelings or emotions shouldn't be done in space articles, feelings and emotions are personal, unlike temperature, which can't be misinterpreted between people. Personal feelings and emotions should be described in accompanying summaries.

- Omniscient writing is prohibited, writing as if you know all knowledge takes away from all mystery and speculation, keep it to general knowledge. Think, "what would the common person see or do?"

The Tone To Write Articles

Spaces - Written in the 3rd person

Anomalies - Written in the 3rd person

Summaries - Written in the 1st or rarely 2nd person

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