Signs are prominent and mysterious anomalies reported in various summaries with consistent details across all accounts, any qualities or phenomena discovered that are not listed are to be reported immediately through the use of a summary. Resembling signs of the waking world (either directly or derivatively), examples being traffic lights, exit signs, directional signs, prohibition signs, and block signs. Appearing in places where context is lacking and purpose is unknown (or not needed) creating unclear/incoherent meaning. Illogical and unnatural placement, examples being large quantities, floating in the air, and jutting out of walls and ceilings. Made of various materials such as metal, fabrics, acrylic, wood, concrete, and paper are all common traits described in a majority of summaries that are to be looked out for.



The following excerpts from various summaries can be used to create a clearer picture of the key traits previously described:

"jutting out from the ceiling, walls, and floor of a room. Completely blank."


Current accounts of them do not appear to be related to any other anomalies or have any special/specific meaning. Because of the uncertainty surrounding them, it is impossible to say whether one should avoid them or pay attention to them. Any additional details reported on them are outliers until a common pattern emerges.

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