> Site Rules


- You must be equal to or over the age of 13 years old, anyone found to be younger will have their membership revoked.

- You cannot have more than one Wikidot account on the site.

- Do not vandalize or raid the site.

- Do not dox or harass other users.

- Do not impersonate users or staff.

- Do not vote maliciously against an author or call for downvotes.

- Do not rewrite an article without permission from its author.

- We are not affiliated or related to the Backrooms in any way, shape, or form. We are a standalone concept and would like to be referenced as such.


- Be respectful on the site and forums.

- Keep threads on-topic and do not spam them.

- Keep threads in the proper forum categories.


- Uploading an article without going through the critique process is forbidden and your article is deleted as soon as it's discovered.

- You must attain 3 pieces of meaningful critique before posting it onto the site. Critique is commonly given in the Discord

- Critique must be meaningful. Critiques that add nothing or cause harm to the author are not counted.

- All media you use MUST be credited in the article.

- Plagiarism is NOT ALLOWED and any content you take from must be credited.

- Do not write NSFW content

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