Site Rules

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These are the rules for Timeless Places, please read over them carefully before and after you join the site, and please, have some common sense.

Minimum Age

• You must be equal to or over the age of 15 years old, anyone found to be younger will have their membership revoked.

Alt Accounts & Ban Evasion

• You cannot have more than one Wikidot account on the site, nor can you cannot use one to evade a ban.


• You cannot harass other users, if you feel another user is harassing you either on site, or off site, contact a staff member.


• You cannot give a rating for reasons besides the content of the article.

• You cannot vote on an article that you have created.

• You cannot call for downvotes against a particular article or author.


• You must treat other members of the site with respect, including yourself.

• This being said, keep your gossip to yourselves, and be mature.

Discriminatory/Unsavory Language

• There is a ZERO tolerance policy against slurs of any form, this includes but is not limited to statements that are, or jokes about racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism etc.

The Backrooms

• We are not affiliated or related to the Backrooms in any way, shape, or form. We are a standalone concept and would like to be referenced as such.

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