Lukewarm water flows past, a minute rippling present as the undulating waves brush against tiled surfaces. The walls, an opaque white pattern of intersecting porcelain tiles, radiantly reflect the oncoming light.

Tiled Halls

It embraces the walls warmly, bleeding into the dark corners, the water carrying it beyond into the unknown. The dense silence is interrupted only by the movement of the water as one moves through the shiny corridors and interconnected rooms.

Devoid of all radiance in some areas, abundant in others, the sources of light create blind spots that emanate a sense of unease and mystique when stared into.

Staircases leading into a deep abyss, pillars vast in quantity bereft of any purpose, and spacious rooms filled with nothing but water and the monotonous while-tiled pattern comprise the surroundings. The sleek environment, its beauty unappreciated.

The air is heavy and humid, yet devoid of the scent of vapor. The light warming the walls differs from the coolness of the blue-green water beneath. Corridors connect and turn senselessly, knowing no bounds.

The only measurement of time comes with each aquamarine ripple cascading along the gridded floors. What is, and what will be, elude the mind as no definition can be assigned to what lies before one’s view.

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Sublimity was written by egglordegglord with critique from ZENAJZENAJ, and FerranteFerrante. The images used inside the article are in order: Dream Pool 10 by Jared Pike, and Dream Pool 5 by Jared Pike. The ambience used is Enigmatic Level: The Poolrooms (The Backrooms Ambience) by The Soundrooms

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