> The Barackrooms

A musty odor of McDonald's cheeseburgers and BBQ fills the air, the ground covered in the 50 stars and red/white stripes. Freedom… The walls are plastered with the face of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama II. For some odd reason, the same image of Obama is used over and over again. It is a good picture to be fair. A faint hum-buzz emits from the lights above that fills the similar rooms, but what permeates even more… Is freedom.

Every room is similar in design, with the same picture of Obama and the freedom flagged floor, but some things are different. Walls may appear to be different sizes or randomly jut out of the floor and up into the ceiling, sometimes rooms may be walled off entirely. A stereo may be found playing some kind of rap music, the only thing discernable being the lines, "You got the momma jeans, and a Mr. Fantastic Face. So rich and white it's like I'm running 'gainst a cheesecake".

An oval office may be found by opening large, fancy doors. Inside contains a large wooden desk with some papers on top of it, windows that see out to nowhere, and a nameplate reading "Barack Obama." However, no one is there, and the famous chair is empty, although an ass-print shows it's been recently sat on…

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