The Library

The Library is a seemingly endless complex that takes on the appearance of a "modern" library. It's more constant details are a beige-colour coating the textured drywall layering the walls and ceiling, the floor is lined with a carpet sporting a generic, messy black/blue pattern.

The ceiling, takes on a more industrial inspired look, being lined with pipes, beams, and ventilation ducts crisscrossing throughout a majority of rooms. The latter of which having lights hanging from them in a grid-like fashion, their sequence being broken by the occasional ventilation grill.

The environment as a whole, including carpets, bookshelves, tables, etc. are all in pristine condition; dust/stain free despite the apparent abandonment it's left in. Bookshelves hold numerous books as a typical library would, divided into sections, genres, author, and other similar classifications.

Collection drop-offs, computer rooms, seating areas, staff work spaces, meeting rooms, rooms designated for special use, and mechanical rooms make up a large majority of areas found inside The Library.

Half-Body Sculpture

The Library is filled with numerous half-body sculptures, all having consistent features. These characteristics include: being a similar height to an average person, a dark wooden base, a gold trim around its edges, and completely filling the frame that the statue sits on.

The sculpture appears to be made of a type of marble, featuring the simple form of a male, with some sort of black liquid caked onto its head. The number of sculptures vary wildly from room to room, ranging from several dozen contained in a small area, to large, open rooms where they cease to exist.

The Library's rooms are not consistent in either shape or design, with some rooms being extremely tall, whereas others are extraordinarily narrow. Crude drawings painted in a black, ink-like liquid, similar to the liquid caking the heads of the various sculptures occasionally plaster the walls, some showcase simplistic drawings of people, faces and objects, whereas others are written language.

Some rooms appear to be in a state of packing/unpacking. Boxes for a multitude of purposes line the tables and floors; ranging from full/partially filled to completely empty. Various materials used in the packaging process, such as packing peanuts, plastic and styrofoam are messily strewn about.

Books crudely stacked along the walls are what stand out, occasionally blocking doorways, although these books can be moved, considering the weight and sheer amount of effort required, it may be better to continue exploring in a different direction.

The Office

The Office is an area of The Library marked behind a large "Staff Only" sign. Inside is a small room with a few water coolers and blue filing cabinets lining the edges of the room. At the back of the room is a large glass window with a small opening at the bottom, similar to ones you would see inside of a banking institution.

Monochrome Static

Behind this large window is The Office, another small room with a round, wooden table that's hollow in its center, no chairs can be found in the room with the contents of the wooden table including a book open to a blank page, a red stapler and a landline telephone typically found in corporate offices.

Behind the wooden table, there are two large, arch windows on the wall. They don't show the outside world or even another room for that matter, instead showing a monochrome static, similar to what you'd see on a TV, illuminating the room in a dim grey. In between the two windows is a fully functioning analog clock, it's unknown if the time displayed is correct.

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