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This is the code for making any article

[[=image >> Link To Image height="Height" style="border: 1px solid white; width: 99%; max-width: Width Of Image" title="Text When Hovered"]] [[size 130%]]
Description Of Article Goes Here.
[[size 125%]]
+ Further Reading: [[/size]]
[[module listPages order="random" tags="+article -joke" limit="1"]]
[[div style="width:75%; height: 0%; margin: auto; background: transparent;"]]
+++ %%title_linked%%

[[module rate]]

[[size 125%]]
[[collapsible show="+ Credits" hide="- Hide Block"]] [[/size]]
+++ Written by:
+++ [[*user Author]]
+++ Critique from:
+++ [[*user User1]], [[*user User2]], & [[*user User3]]
+++ Image 1:
+++ [Link To Image Name Of Image] - Author

[[size 115%]]
[[module Comments hide="true"]]

Text Styling

Inline Styling

Syntax Example
//italic text// italic text
**bold text** bold text
//**italic and bold**// italic and bold
__underline text__ underline text
--strikethrough text-- strikethrough text
{{teletype (monospaced) text}} teletype (monospaced) text
normal^^superscript^^ normalsuperscript
normal,,subscript,, normalsubscript
[[span style="color:red"]]custom //span// element[[/span]] custom span element
##blue|predefined## or ##44FF88|custom-code## color predefined or custom-code color

Text Alignment

Syntax Example
[[>]] Right Aligned Text
[[/>]] To Close Right Aligned Text
[[=]] Center Aligned Text
[[/=]] To Close Center Aligned Text
[[<]] Left Aligned Text
[[/<]] To Close Left Aligned Text
[[==]] Justified Text
[[/==]] To Close Justified Text

Text Size

Syntax Example
[[size 50%]] Text is 50% cuurent size
[[size 150%]] Text is 150% current size
[[/size]] To close size

Line Breaks

Using four @ signs will cause a gap in the text

There is a

gap in this text


Syntax Example
[[[spaces]] spaces
[[[spaces | A Link To The Spaces List]]] A Link To The Spaces List
[[[http://Timeless-Places.wikidot.com]]] http://Timeless-Places.wikidot.com
[[user "Wikidot Username"]] Ferrante
[[*user "Wikidot Username"]] FerranteFerrante


Syntax Example
[[=image https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/836724060637364234/964998303064391690/The_old_town_roads.PNG]] creates an image with the URL provided
width="any number" & height="any number" adjust height and width of image
style="border: number in pixels (2px), type (solid) color (white)" CSS style that creates a 2px solid white border around the image
title="Any text" Text that appears when the image is hovered over
style="border-radius: number in pixels (10px) CSS style that rounds the borders of an image


Syntax Example
+ Any Text Header 1, makes text 200% size
++ Any Text Header 2, makes text 100% size
+++ Any Text Header 3, makes text 130% size
++++ Any Text Header 4, makes text 150% size
+++++ Any Text Header 5, makes text 200% size
++++++ Any Text Header 6, makes text 250% size

Block Quote

Using the > before writing any text will create a block quote

> Like This

Like This

Block quotes can also be indented by adding a » under a line of text with >

> Like
>> This



Collapsible Blocks

Syntax Example
[[collapsible show="+ Text displayed when closed" hide="- Text displayed when opened"]] creates a collapsible text block
Whatever text to show when the collapsible is opened when collapsible is open, display the following text
[[/collapsible]] To close off the collapsible

An Example:

Rate Module

Syntax Example
[[module rate]] Will create a rate module for the page it's placed on

In Practice

rating: 0+x

Comment Module

Syntax Example
[[module Comments hide="true"]] Will create a comment block for people to either cheer or destroy your prized work


Line Divider

Syntax Example
----- Will create a horizontal line streching the length of the page, can also be placed inside quote blocks.


Multiple Pages, One Sandbox

[[module ListPages order="title" tags="+(user picked tag)" perPage="100"]]
%%title_linked%% - [[user %%created_by%%]]

Author Pages

[[=image https://i.ibb.co/rF5n15c/New-Project-56.png width="99%" height="99%" style="border: 1px solid white; max-width: 300px;"]]

[[size 150%]]
+ About Me: [[/size]]

+++ Hi! I'm Ferrante (previously known as Mr. Ferrante) and I'm one of the two owners of Timeless Places. I'm a male, 18 years young, and currently reside in the Great White North. I essentially do everything from voiceover work and graphic design to programming and video editing. I used to be a YouTuber, but then I "fell off", so I spend my endless amounts of time doing small projects and watching anime.


[[size 150%]]
+ Things I've Worked On: [[/size]]

+++ [[[the-barackrooms | The Barackrooms]]] - Joke Space
+++ [[[/signs | Signs]]] - Anomaly co-written with [[*user ClickyWickyChan]]
+++ [[[/cheap-seats | Cheap Seats]]] - Joke Space
+++ [[[/stunned-sympathy | Stunned Sympathy]]] - Joke Summary
+++ "Timeless" CSS Theme
+++ Timeless Places Logo


[[size 150%]]
+ Social Medias: [[/size]]

+++ [[[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-khrPAyzltdbVe-2U8z4w | YouTube]]]
+++ [[[https://twitter.com/Mr_Ferrante | Twitter]]]
+++ [[[https://www.reddit.com/user/MrFerrante | Reddit]]]
+++ [[[https://www.speedrun.com/user/Ferrante | Speedrun.com]]]
+++ Discord: Ferrante#5032


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